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Standard terms and conditions of the rental agreement

1. Subject of the rental agreement

  • LBCC Automotive s.r.o. (hereinafter „Lessor“) and the Lessee, in accordance with § 2321 et seq. of Act No. 89/2012 Coll, the Civil Code of the Czech Republic, agree to this rental agreement (hereinafter „Contract“) concerning car lease. Based upon this RA, the Lessor undertakes to give the Lessee a means of transport (hereinafter the „Vehicle“) for temporary use and the Lessee undertakes to pay the Lessor a rental fee for such The duration of this contract, the designation of the vehicle and the amount of rent are agreed on the first page of this agreement.

2.  The rent and the method of payment

  • The amount of rent is governed by the applicable price lists and tariffs and is stated on the first page of this The lessee is obliged to pay the rent and all related fees duly and on time. The settlement is made after the lease period has ended. If the lease is concluded for a period longer than one month, billing and invoicing are carried out continuously, usually after every 30 days of lease. The Lessee expressly agrees to pay the rent and any other fees associated with the hiring of the vehicle (including damage or theft, fines for traffic offenses) under the Lessee’s liability under this Agreement, either in cash, by card or by bank transfer.

3.  Duration of the lease, handover and return of the vehicle

  • The Contract is concluded for a definite period of time and becomes valid upon its signature by both contracting parties. The lease relationship under this Agreement shall terminate upon expiry of the term for which the Agreement has been negotiated
  • The Contract may be renewed if the Lessee requests the Lessor in writing within 24 hours before the expiry of the period for which the Contract was originally agreed, and the Lessor confirms the extension in In this case, the tenants shall retain the terms and conditions agreed upon at the time of the conclusion of the contract.
  • If the contract is not extended in the above sense, returning the vehicle to the lessee later than the time agreed in the contract shall be considered a material breach of the contract and will result in criminal penalties as unauthorized use of the foreign object. In such a case, the lessee is obliged to pay the lessor the usual rent for the entire duration of the lease according to the lessor’s pricing conditions for such actual total duration of the
  • Unless the parties agree otherwise in writing, the lessee loses the right to limit his liability under the agreed terms on the day when he was to return the vehicle to the lessor under the
  • The Lessor is obliged to hand over the vehicle to the Lessee in good technical condition at the place and at the time agreed on the basis of this Contract. All discovered defects, comments and complaints relating to the rented vehicle must be claimed by the lessee upon receipt of the vehicle in the „Vehicle Handover / Acceptance Protocol“, which is an integral part of this
  • The Lessee is obliged to return the vehicle to the Lessor including all accessories and documents on the spot and at the time agreed on the basis of this Contract. The Lessee is obliged to return the vehicle taking into account the usual wear and tear in the condition in which it was taken The “Acceptance / Acceptance Protocol” is always written about the vehicle takeover. The vehicle, including documents and keys, must be taken over by a representative appointed by the lessor.
  • If the vehicle is lost, the lessee is obliged to pay, inter alia, a penalty fee equal to the agreed rent until the lessee reports the loss to the landlord, or the lessor does not know

4.  Rights and obligations of the contracting parties

  • The vehicle in question may be driven only by the persons specified in the The Lessee is obliged to use the vehicle solely for the purpose for which it is intended and to observe all traffic, customs and other valid legal regulations. It is also obliged to use the vehicle in the manner and in the usual norms and regulations for the given type of vehicle. These are mainly regular service inspections of the vehicle based on mileage and adherence to parameters set by the manufacturer regarding the technical condition of the vehicle, the amount of engine oil, coolant, tire inflation, type of fuel, etc.
  • The Lessee is obliged to take proper care of the vehicle in the sense of preventing damage, including the obligation to comply with the conditions and recommendations set by the Lessor. The Lessee is obliged to secure the vehicle against theft, damage or interference of third parties who are not authorized to use the In particular, the lessee must not leave the keys and documents of the vehicle in the parked vehicle and is always obliged to properly close the parked vehicle. Breach of any of these obligations is considered a material breach of contractual obligations. The landlord recommends to use the parking lot and garage, which are guarded.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all LBCC vehicles. In case of violation of this prohibition the landlord is entitled to charge a fee for special cleaning of the car up to 1.500 CZK (+ VAT).
  • Unless otherwise specified in the contract, the lessee may not leave the vehicle other than the person specified in the contract, participate in the motor racing and competitions in question, use the vehicle for remuneration for the transport of persons or property (except supplies), countries where the use of the vehicle is prohibited by this contract (unless additionally the landlord’s approval is granted), make changes to the vehicle, operate the vehicle off the road. Furthermore, the lessee must not drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, medicines or other substances that may cause reduced perception and reaction. Furthermore, the lessee may not leave the vehicle for driving to a person who is under the influence of the above-mentioned narcotic
  • The Lessor is entitled to inspect the vehicle at any time to determine whether the vehicle is being used properly and in accordance with the terms of this The lessee is obliged to allow this control to the lessor.
  • The Lessor is obliged to procure routine repairs and maintenance of the vehicle at its own expense and the Lessee is obliged to allow repairs, maintenance and possible inspection of the vehicle as well as to suffer the restriction of the use of the vehicle. At the time of such limitation of the use of the vehicle, the lessee is entitled to require the lessor to provide the vehicle with the same or similar qualities in order to continue the contractual The cost of repairing shall be borne by the Lessor, except where the need for repair on the vehicle is due to misuse of the vehicle by the Lessee or persons authorized by the Lessee to access the vehicle (either in violation of normal vehicle use or breach of obligations under this Agreement). In such a case, the obligation to cover the cost of repair in full shall pass to the lessee, and the lessee shall be fully liable for any damage resulting from such misuse of the vehicle (excessive wear or damage to the vehicle).
  • The Lessee is obliged to notify the Lessor without undue delay of the occurrence of any defects that occur during use on the vehicle and require repair. If the Lessee fails to comply with this obligation without undue delay, the Lessee shall be liable to the Lessor for any damage that arises as a result of his / her delay as a result of failure to report the

5.  Damage responsibility and insurance

  • The Lessee shall be fully liable to the Lessor for any damage incurred on the vehicle from the time of handover of the vehicle to the Lessee
  • The Lessor is also entitled to charge the Lessee compensation for the loss of rent for the period of repair of the damage incurred to the vehicle and the administrative costs connected with
  • Damage that results from the loss of documents, keys or tools belonging to the vehicle equipment is always covered by the lessee, including the administrative costs associated with
  • The Lessee is fully responsible for all charges and penalties or other consequences of violating traffic regulations or laws during the term of the By signing on the front of the contract, the lessee agrees to charge such a fine, including the administrative costs of the means of payment specified in the contract, even retroactively.

6.  Damage event proceedings

  • In the event of a car accident, theft or damage to a vehicle or part thereof with damage exceeding CZK 100,000 and also in the event of a car accident or injury (regardless of the lessee’s fault), the lessee is always obliged to call the police for in order to investigate a traffic accident and remain at the scene of the accident until the police arrive and draw up a report. In other cases, the culprit must be unambiguously and clearly identified in writing between the parties to the accident, otherwise the lessee is fully liable for the damage incurred.
  • In case of any damage event, the Lessee is obliged to duly and completely fill in the „Accident Record“ form, which he receives together with the documents for the vehicle in Furthermore, the lessee is obliged to provide an inventory of all participants in the traffic accident as well as witnesses, including the personal data of the participants, and also to provide a description of the vehicles

– participants in the accident, record their registration numbers (registration). If the vehicle is immobile due to a traffic accident, the lessee is obliged to secure it against further damage or theft.

  • The Lessee is obliged to notify the Lessor without delay, but no later than within 24 hours, of any damage event on the vehicle (theft or damage to the vehicle) as well as to indicate the location where the vehicle is or killing people. The Lessee is obliged to ensure that all documents and keys belonging to the vehicle are handed over to the Lessor. Furthermore, the Lessee is obliged to ensure the immediate delivery of a duly completed „Accident Record“ form. The lessee is obliged to provide the police, the landlord and his insurance company with assistance in the investigation of the accident, in the framework of the settlement of the damage event, eventually in court proceedings.

7.  Repudiation of the contract

  • If the lessee uses the vehicle in violation of the contract, or. with agreed standard business conditions, or. in the manner in which the landlord incurs damage, respectively. if there is a significant risk of damage to the vehicle, the lessor is entitled to withdraw from the contract The Lessor is also entitled to withdraw from the Contract if the Lessee, despite the Lessor’s reminders, does not pay the invoiced payments properly and on time.
  • The lessee is also entitled to withdraw from the contract if the lessor fails to comply with this contract.

8.  Other statements

  • Lessee’s personal data are processed only to the extent that the required services in the field of car rental can be provided. The Lessee has the right to access, correct and request the removal of personal In case of delay in returning the vehicle to the Lessor, the Lessee shall be aware of the fact that the Lessor shall report the vehicle as lost or stolen to the police authorities, or to the Lessor. shall bring an action before the competent court, with the consequence that the lessee may bear the consequences for the lessee.
  • Both contracting parties declare that pursuant to the provisions of § 433 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll. (Civil Code) does not consider any of them to be a weaker party under this
  • The Contracting Parties exclude the validity of the provisions of Section 1740 (3) of the Civil Code, on the basis of which the acceptance of an offer with an amendment or variation that does not substantially alter the terms of the offer is an acceptance of the offer.
  • The contracting parties exclude the validity of the provisions of 1950 of the Civil Code, which states that in the case of repeated performance for the same legal reason, it is considered that the person who submits the payment for the performance payable later also fulfilled what was payable earlier.

9.  Enactments in conclusion

  • This Agreement shall become valid at the moment of signing by both parties. This Agreement shall be concluded in at least two copies, each of which the Parties shall receive one copy, the Czech language version of the Agreement being
  • The parties shall negotiate the subject-matter and locally competent court for possible litigation in the Czech This contract is governed by Czech law.
  • If any provision of this Agreement becomes invalid or ineffective, the remaining provisions of the Agreement shall remain valid and effective. In this case, the invalid / ineffective provision shall be replaced by the applicable/effective provision that most closely matches the economic purpose of the originally intended